Rajnikanth going to Singapore for treatment


22 Mar 2011
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Tamil matinee idol Rajnikanth is going to Singapore for further treatment, said his daughter Aishwarya, adding he is not in any danger but needed privacy.

"He is being taken for further treatment to Singapore but I would like to clarify that he is not being airlifted by an air ambulance because that is not necessary for him as his vitals are stable and he is going to travel like a normal passenger," Aishwarya told NDTV Friday.

"I would like to clear the air on that because I have been hearing quite a bit (of) news since morning - airlifting, he is serious. He is definitely not serious," she added.

Rajnikanth is admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre in Chennai for recurrent respiratory infection and gastro-intestinal problems.

The 61-year-old was first admitted to St. Isabel Hospital April 29 after a bout of vomiting and was discharged in the evening.

On May 5, he was again admitted to the ICU of St Isabel Hospital after allergic bronchitis and fever and once again on May 13 he was taken to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre.

Since then there had been a lot of media speculation about his health

"We are taking him to Singapore because of media speculation, sensationalisation of the whole news. He would like a little bit of privacy with his family," said Aishwarya.

She said: "He is being taken to Singapore for fluid collection in his body and for rejuvenation, and he needs to recoup himself. We want him to recoup and come back... We want quality time with him by ourselves.

"I am with him 24x7 at the hospital, and visibly I am able see a lot of improvement and recovery in him. He had breakfast in the morning normally, read the newspaper and he was quite amused by what some of the media channels and papers said (about) he being airlifted -- he's like 'why would they say things to alarm my fans'."

Aishwarya said that wrong information should not be given to people who adore him.

"Here down south he is so adored, he is part of every household, and people get so alarmed and agitated when they hear something which is not nice to hear...

"When it is not true, it is very sad for the family. It is not right to give wrong news to people who love him so much...

"So it is good to let them know the right thing. He is not in any danger, nothing alarmingly wrong with him. Like one of us, he can fall sick and he is definitely going to recover soon," she said.
hope he get well soon.

God bless you rajni bhai. :up:
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