realignment changes in homecast sn9001


8 Nov 2010
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1) Do reset to erase all existing channels from insat4b.

2) STB will restart now. when STB trying autosearch all from insat4b just press exit button. Or otherwise when your stb asking to save changes press cancel.

3)Now your STB must have no channel installed from insat4b.

4) Unloack your STB .Do the factory reset ,Again go to factory reset and dont press ok instead of ok press 7799 ,New window will come ,In that screen move to last line LOAD CHANNEL then press ok it will show please wait,Then go to manual scan,Now u can able to edit home tp with 12316h 30000 sym fec 5/6,

5) Now see Lnb Power (above bar). it ocsillate around 50% to 70%.
6) Now see Quality bar (belows bar). if it shows 70% and above do autoscan save channels.

7) do auto scan save changes.

8) To make sure your getting channels from measat goto check info channel it is different from one in insat4b.
enjoy channels from MEASAT.
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