Ryan Reynolds braved "flying" phobia

26 May 2011
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London, Jun 17 (PTI) In a bid to impress his young relatives, Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds braved his fear of flying to play a superhero in ''The Green Lantern''.

Reynolds, 34, who plays the role of a test pilot for the United States Air Force and later becomes the titular superhero in the fantasy sci-fi film, said he overcame his phobia for the sake of his nieces and nephews, reported Daily Star online.

"I''m not a big flyer at all. I''m a little afraid, I''ve always had problems with airplanes. But, in the film, I''m up on high wires all the time. Sometimes (flying) 60 feet (18 meters) a second.

"It was really terrifying at first. But my nieces and nephews were just so excited about this movie. And I kept thinking about them and them coming to see this film. So you kind of (have to) get over all of that," said Reynolds.
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