SAB TV launches new phase of its Brand Campaign


22 Mar 2011
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SAB TV, India's only family comedy entertainment channel launches fourth phase of its brand campaign in keeping with its brand promise of "Asli Mazaa SAB Ke Saath Aata Hai". The campaign reiterates the brand promise of light hearted shows that the entire family can enjoy together.

Conceptualized on the thought that the meaning of life lies in celebrating special moments with one's family, the story revolves around the theme that "Zindagi Ka Matlab toh Apno Se Naata Hai , Asli Mazaa SAB ke Saath Aata Hai''.

Shot in Panchagani, the new brand film tells the story of a young couple who meet each other for the first time with their respective families. The couple is not really getting a chance to talk to each other all throughout the meeting. After almost everything about the couple being divulged by the families, the grandmother intervenes and says that let the prospective bride and groom talk to each other. In the end, the prospective groom is seen asking the bride's family if the proposal has been accepted by her. With this, everyone bursts out laughing. The TVC brilliantly showcases that families have understood and accepted the SAB brand promise and enjoy spending life's moments being together.

Commenting on the launch of the new brand campaign, Anooj Kapoor - Executive VP & Business Head, SAB TV, said, "We offer light hearted content which, appeals to the entire family audience and in the new version of the campaign we will reinforce the message with a mix of humour and emotion. Through this campaign we are confident of adding more and more families to our growing SAB family."

The campaign has been launched simultaneously in the electronic, radio, print and the digital medium and would be present across movie, news, regional and kid's genres to deliver the communication amongst the family audience.
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