satellites recievable in kerala

27 Sep 2020
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satellite & banddish size remarks
93.5e c band ku band gsat 15/17 2feet ku band /6feet c band dd free dish
91.5e cband ku band measat 32feet ku band /6feet c band sundirect/c band measat channels
95e ku band ses82feet ku band dish tv
97.3e ku band gsat 92 feet ku band saarc satellite bbs sat
98e ku band chinasat 112 feet ku bandtest transmissions afghanisthan channels
100.5e ku and c asiasat 52feet ku band /6feet c bandku band madani channelonly/ asiasat c band channels 6ft
105.5e c band asiasat 76 feet c band asiasat 7 channels
108e ses7 2 feet kuairtel dth
113e ku and c2 ft ku 6 ft ckbs world in ku/ palappa d in c
88e st22ft kuvideocon d2h
83e gsat 10/30 c and ku2ft ku/6 ft ctatasky /gsat 30 c band channels
74e gsat 18 2ft kuvitcters /utkarsh edu pakage
75 e abs 22ft kuabs/bfbs pakage
70.5e eutel 70b2ft kumta hd&arab channels few
55e ku gsat 82ft kutelugu edu channel
57e ku & c band nss 122ft ku / 6ft c teflon needonly demo in ku& nss 12 channel in c
45e intelsat 382ft kudilog dth
40e ku express am 7 2ft ku 70/75cm abv best week tpafghan tv
38e c band paksat6ft c (feeds in 2 ft no need track ku)pak channels
66e c band intelsat 176ft minim 8ft bestsouth indian channels malayalam alsp
68.5 c band intelsat 206ft c bandinidan channels
78.5e ku band thaicom6ft dish ku band lnbthai channel
52.5e ku band6ft ku bandyah sat
52e ku band6 ft ku band lnbmonacosat
46e kuafricasat6ft kuafrican channels
39e hellas sat ku6ft kuhellas sat
119e bangabandhu3ft/4ft/abv need wide range c band lnb bangla channels
65e amos ku band6ft dishnepali channels
76.5c& ku band6ft dish apstar channels
85e horizon 2 ku band6ft dishhorizons 2

*the dish size mentioned are just based on minimum conditions and MAY NOT be able to cover the whole tps and MAY NOT be capable for some area
*there may be siginal varying as you know siginals are more towards northern kerala
*there are more satellites , the dish may be in near standing position etc any one catched may mention down (example vinasat 132e )
* some may require teflon as polarity are right and left not vertical horizontal
*may require scalar rings / inverto lnb
and dish modifications
*6ft doesnt mean that its the optimum or required may require bigger size, bigger size may catch other sat which are not in list...

* feel free to correct my list & typing mistakes & dish size if any( best/better results and recommendations)
Just to clarify in 70E ku band are you getting any other channels other than MTA ?
Just to clarify in 70E ku band are you getting any other channels other than MTA ?
there were more channels other than mta hd in that satellite , as far as a 60cm dish is considered mta hd is the only tp that have channels now .. one of my tracker friend notified me that it had arab channels ( may be feeds )... as that satllite was not useful for us it was never set in for permanent...dont know about the current situation ... only mta hd tp was caught by me in small dish last time may be 2-3 months back ...
Yes me too got only mta, later Euro bangla came and gone. Now only mta in 2ft.
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