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Software Download Trick For Tata Sky


8 Nov 2010
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trick for download latest software available over the air in tata sky:

When ur stb is on, close it from the mains without switching off from remote.
After some time switch on stb from mains and when 'please wait initializing' comes on screen, press back button twice and then press 2465. Software will start downloading.


29 May 2011
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well i have known this trick since 3 years

Avinash Kakade

13 Jun 2011
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@Bapun Raz
This method is not working for my black colored Thomson Digicomp. :(
Why so ??
It had worked only once as of now.Now it doesn't work anymore.
Can you explain me ?
Bye :)

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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Dear Avisha its working on all tata sky and adtv stbs.

I have tested in all stbs.

As both have all encrypion system its work same.

You are doing something wrong or pressing some wrong buttons so its not work bro.

Try again carefully it will surely work.

Bye :D
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