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Some Word used in Satellite Field and F.A.Q.


3 Nov 2010
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Here Are Full Detail Of Some Word Mostly use in Satellite Field, Like DVB,Stb,DVC,Dish,DVB-c,DVB-T,ETC

Device that converts and displays data from analog cable, digital cable, or digital broadcast television to a standard frequency (channel number) for display on a standard analog television set, or a box that receives off-air DTV signal for display on a DTV monitor.

STB call Set-top box, it is responsible for receiving, converting and sending the picture and sound of the broadcast to the associated television. If your HDTV-ready TV has no built-in HDTV tuner you must connect it to a compatible HDTV STB first. Until then it will not receive and display digital television programs. This decoder for digital TV. The set-top box is a digital receiver that converts the digital stream of MPEG data into analogue images and sounds. The receiver consists of three main component groups: Receiving module with tuner, QPSK demodulator and FEC correction CA system. Here a smart card is used to determine whether the set-top box may decode encrypted data, and transmit this on to the customer.

Also some person call it as satellite TV broadcasting. It used to receive and decode the DTV signal and deliver it to a monitor. The STB may also be capable of capturing and decoding enhanced television transmissions. Other types of STBs are used to convert and decode data for analog cable, digital cable and small dish satellite. Some, but not all of these STBs are also capable of decoding DTV.

DVB is short for Digital Video Broadcast, it is a same device as STB. It is a suite of internationally accepted, open standards for digital television maintained by the DVB Project, an industry consortium with more than 300 members, and published by a Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and European Broadcasting Union (EBU).The standards can be obtained for free at the ETSI website after registration.

Why it called DVB-S
DVB-S receive signal via satellite.

Why it called DVB-C
DVB-C receive signal via cable.

Why it called DVB-T
Term used for digital terrestrial TV reception using the DVB standard.

What is an FTA receiver?

An FTA receiver is a satellite receiver which is equipped to receive unencrypted FTA (Free to Air) satellite transmissions.
An FTA satellite receiver is able to decode the MPEG-2/4/DVB-s2/HD data compression protocol used in most Free to Air satellite transmissions.
An FTA receiver will not be able to un-encrypt Dish TV or Tatasky satellite programming.

FTA Receiver Types

Most FTA receivers are stand-alone hardware boxes which look very much like Dish Tv or airtel STB.
Some PC-based FTA satellite receivers also exist. These devices enable you to watch FTA satellite on your computer.

Features to Look for in an FTA Receiver

No one can tell you exactly what you want in a FTA satellite receiver, but here are some of the features to look for:
Does the receiver have an Electronic Program Guide (EPG)?
Does the receiver allow you to zoom into a picture?
Does the receiver support picture-in-picture?
Does the receiver have a built-in PVR (Personal Video Recorder)?
Does the receiver have dual tuners to enable viewing and recording of two different channels?
Does the receiver have a PIG/PIP interface?
Does the receiver have S-Video output?
Does the receiver have Dolby SPDIF output?
Does the receiver have Blind Search Power Scan to find all channels transmitted by a satellite?
Does the receiver have an On Screen Display (OSD)?
Does the OSD allow you to move, delete, and rename channels?

FTA Satellite Receiver Manufacture

Quality manufacturers of FTA satellite receivers include Winersat, Solid, Huwai, Bettel, Echolink, Echostar, Devisar,

Additional Equipment for FTA Satellite
In addition to a FTA satellite receiver, you will also need:
A satellite dish (Either C-Band or Ku-Band)
An antenna motor and Extra LNB(If you wish to receive channels from more than one satellite)
Can I get satellite TV?
Most people can get satellite TV. There are basically two criteria you must meet:
1. An unobstructed view of the southern sky
2. A place to install your dish that meets criteria #1
Dish can be mounted on house roof, balcony, patio or garden, or any other open spaces.The dish should face southeast,south or southwest, make sure there are no high buildings in the direction, they might block the signal. 0.55m / 0.60m / 0.35 / 0.75m diameter dishes are available. Check them out here.

What's the difference between different size dishes?
The bigger the dish is the better the reception is when weather is bad, heaven rain for example. This is why TV broadcasting stations always use big dishes even for KU band signal receiption. Beside weather, the building complexity also influences the reception in some cases. We recommend open space with minimum interruption.

Do I need a special TV to receive satellite program? Do I have to give up cable programs?
You don't need a special TV, digital satellite broadcasting works with any existing type of TVs. You do NOT need to give up cable to receive satellite programs. Cable and satellite don't use the same singal input. Satellite receiver works like a DVD player, to make it simple.

Can I use my existing wiring to install my satellite system?
If the cable in your house is RG-6/11/8 coax cable, you can use it to connect your receiver to your satellite dish. If your cable is not RG6/Rg11/Rg8 coax, you will need to run new cable. It is important that you use RG6/11/8 cable due to the frequency of the digital signals it must carry.

What is Subscription?
Dddirect+ is fta Other Dth in india are not free-to-air. The service is based on subscription. Customer have to pay subscription each Month to continue the service. Each subscription card has a serials number(bar code) paired with it's decoer. Dth operator manages subscription through these serial numbers. When your subscription expires, your system stops working until the company receives your subscription to continue the service. Two channels are free-to-air, Channe 556 in big tv and home channel or ch 100/999 in others . These Channel FTA For testing if your dish signal receiption is ok.

How many TVs can I connect to one dish? or to one dish/receiver?
You can connect as many TVs as you want to one receiver with a dish signal connection. However, the TVs can not show you different channels at the same time. Similarly, you can connect multiple receivers to one dish to share the signal receiption.

Should I power off the receiver when it's not in use?
The difference in power usage between leaving the receiver on or off is almost immeasurable. Our receivers are designed so that they can be left on without being affected by internal heat or additional wear on the internal components.
However, we do recommend that you power your receiver off overnight at least once a month to automatically update its software as new versions are released. Reboot receiver: power off your receiver for 5 minutes and then turn it back on can sometimes resolve the issue if it is associated with out of date software.(only For Pay Dth Operator Subscriber)


9 Apr 2012
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Does the receiver support picture-in-picture? < What is it?

Add another point in the section that > pause the tv picture (not audio), this feature was in my fta receiver where I cant pause a channel (vdo only) & hold the picture whenever I want. Advantage was watch image whenever you want / show the image for others for any other purpose / take a snap by camera etc.
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