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7 Apr 2011
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Story: Rachael (Ginnifer Goodwin), a successful NY lawyer loves her best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) who has invited her to be the maid of honour for her wedding. Nothing wrong with that, except that Rachael has always loved her best friend's fiance, Dex (Colins Egglesfield), but has never been able to display her feelings for him. Trouble brews when Dex reciprocates a similar passion for the staid singleton and the conflict between love and friendship begins.

Movie Review : If you've seen and savoured Julia Robert's somewhat wicked antics in My Best Friend's Wedding, there would be little reason why you would enjoy this pale copy of the livelier treatise on love versus friendship. Specially since Ginnifer Goodwin is such a washed out version of a girl who is in two minds whether to bother about herself or her friend. Of course, she does have the usual dilemmas when her best friend unwittingly humiliates her and uses her. Also, the fact that Dex follows her around like a devoted puppy and doesn't think twice before having a steamy night out with her, does make her weigh her options often.... But rarely does the fire raging within force her to throw caution to the winds.

The film proceeds as an unending, over-extended pre-nuptial party, where loyalties are tested and friendships are re-iterated. The threesome insists on hiding their true feelings and desires, so much so, it gets a bit irksome: all this subterfuge! The only person who displays a bit of spark is Kate Hudson who remains realistically me-centric till the very end. For the rest, there's too much schmaltzy sacrifice to keep the drama off sleep mode.

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