Source Code to release on 29 April in India

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25 Mar 2011
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MUMBAI: Suniel Wadhwa's film distribution company 52 Weeks Entertainment, is going to release Source Code on 29 April in India.

Earlier, the distribution company had acquired India distribution rights of two titles from Summit Entertainment - Source Code and The Impossible. The Impossible is slated for release in June.

"Both films are sure to appeal to our audiences. While Source Code is an edge of the seat action thriller, The Impossible is based on a true story of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Spectacular special effects blend with heart-wrenching emotional drama," Wadhwa said.

Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon), Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Colter Stevens, who discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a commuter train.

He inhabits the body of another person and relives the last eight minutes over and over again, unearthing clues each time as to the identity of the bomber.
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