DDF Exclusive Tata Play Binge + New UI Changes.. And Features.

True. But, with latest remote released which is more focused on OTT hot keys, i don't think so they will provide that favourite button in the future as they are more focused on OTT right now. The latter option that you gave might be a possibility in the future.
There were plenty of software glitches in the setup box earlier and hopefully those bugs are worked upon with this update.
Also, with new affordable OTT binge plans released and the binge plus mobile app getting revamped, this might be the go to setup box in the coming days for users who require both Satellite channels and OTT. With all these welcome changes, it has to only get better from now on.
Yes, they solved many issues... They Don't Need To Magics Or Don't Need Provide More OTT apps now.. They just need to focus providing stable and efficenct software for their binge box and improve their app availability they don't have app for ipad they need to these basics right as of now... And provide efficient combo packs.. And more efficient binge packs.. Like South binge packs, regional binge packs etc., In my opinion for now.. If they do all these they will become some efficient option in the market..
I love the new favourite option under user settings 🥰
Wish they add the option to use/map a button on the remote for fav channel (900)
Now, we can directly subscribe to netflix combo packs through stb... Like binge packs
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