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DDF Exclusive The return of mmadhankumar as Dream SMOD

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10 Feb 2018
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UOTE="Bapun Raz, post: 1410039, member: 1"]
It was more in a humor sense bro.;)
I know...its same also as my statement🤣
Please correct your quote bro;)


9 Dec 2015
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Usually it feels like we have only one admin. Hoping to see you more often! :tup:
Yes Bro When I had joined then also I was not aware about it we have 2 admins :blush2:
I only new @Bapun Raz Bro as the owner of this site because he is really much active always and also when he warned for not repeating my silly mistakes during my initial which I was repeating again and again but still also he didn't banned for that but only blocked my some permissions temporarily but after some he had forgiven me and unblocked all my permissions. But during my punishment time I visited staff page for the first time and then I got to know about @Vikram Bro. Later on I made new friends day by day and then been continuously active here and posting continously and after gaining a lot of experience and knowledge I am bit matured now. But Still Many time It comes a feeling that we have only one admin @Bapun Raz Bro😛 Because our other admin is not much active here.
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