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DDF Exclusive The return of mmadhankumar as Dream SMOD

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Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Hi bros,

Back in 2012 (very early days of ddf) @mmadhankumar bro was promoted as our Super Moderator of our forum. (His 2012 SMOD promotion thread incase you want to see!)

He had proved himself and his work with quality posts, helping nature towards each and every members. He also helped ddf with graphics and coding related works many times as he has much knowledge on these things. Due to his talent he also got part in the forum software we were using on past, he worked as a Support team member there and helped tons of noob users!

Later when time passed he was getting busy and after 2017 he couldn't devote any time due to personal & business life. He was also vanished from everywhere else. Finally, he wasn't a team member on ddf anymore but everyone on the team and outside team wished he could comeback once again in future.

Thank you mmadhankumar bro for the wonderful 6 years!! - The sad departure thread

Many members kept approaching him to come back including me and other team members then but we never got any proper responses, he wasn't sure if he can devote time once again like he used to. It was only yesterday he contacted team back asking if we want him back and we accepted him with open arms.🤗

So here is the promotion and welcome back thread. Welcome back Madhan bro, thanks for considering ddf team again!😍

Some fun moments:

@Gssran bro made the same comment yesterday again which he made during the departure of Madhan bro.

@ Madhan Bro,
Nothing to say,[emoji854]
I know you will understand my feelings like always,[emoji8]

Now Bhag Athe se & GTS[emoji38]

Bhag athe se.

It feels good to see the old fun things again.

These two comments were also heart touching:

Madhan bro.. I won't say good bye to you.. I am waiting for your come back to the forum and as a SMOD again..

You and Gssran bro are the one I have seen in red color for very long time. Now your red has become orange. I want that to become red again.

I am not sharing any of my experiences with you in forum. You are not leaving the forum to say all those. You are still with us.

All my above comments are as a general member of the forum.

Now as a team member, thanks bro for guiding us (me in particular) on moderation and all other team related activities. I will really miss you in team related activities. Please come back soon.

wont say bye to madhan bro :no

only wish, that he can make his 2nd return soon :win

Infact, @ABCDEFGH bro talked about it and all of us also want the same!

Now that Madhan Bro is back, hopefully @M.J.Sadiq and @shawl_who will also rejoin the team. Then it will be a complete family. 🙏

Team DDF


2 Jan 2013
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Welcome Back Madhan Sir... :)



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6 Oct 2013
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Welcome back bro 😍😍

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