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8 Jun 2011
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Animal Planet on 27 August

8:00AM Natural World : Victoria Falls
9:00AM Deadliest Catch
10:00AM Untamed & Uncut (Season 2) : Shark Cage Attack
11:00AM Fooled By Nature : Fantastic Feeders
11:30AM Planet Wild : Brown Bear: Forest King
12:00PM Great Ocean Adventures
1:00PM In Search of the Giant Anaconda
2:00PM Mad Mike and Mark (Season 2) : Surf and Turf
3:00PM Untamed & Uncut : Polar Bear Attack
4:00PM Wildest Africa : Congo
5:00PM Africa's Super Seven
6:00PM Corwin's Quest Specials : The Blue Whale's Tail (Giants)
7:00PM Kingdom of the Elephants
8:00PM Romeo & Juliet: A Monkey's Tale
9:00PM In Too Deep : Arizona
9:30PM Deadly 60 : British Columbia
10:00PM Hunters : Rulers of the Deep
11:00PM I'm Alive
Animal Planet On Super Sunday
11:00AM Dolphin of Chilika Lake (Aka Ghost of The Ganges)
12:00PM Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story
1:00PM Duel in the Swamp
1:30PM Duel in the Swamp
2:00PM Corwin's Quest Specials : The Elephant's Trunk (Smell)
3:00PM Predators' Prey : Secret Weapons
3:30PM Deadly 60 : British Columbia
4:00PM Amba the Russian Tiger
5:00PM Predators: Fighting To Survive
6:00PM River Monsters : Killer Catfish
7:00PM Ferocious African Crocodiles
8:00PM Wild Africa : Coasts
9:00PM O'shea's Big Adventure (Season 4) : Spitting Cobra
10:00PM Animal Battlegrounds : Coast
10:30PM Predators' Prey : Tactics
11:00PM Austin Stevens Adventures : Killer Lion Stakeout
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