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24 Nov 2014
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Hi Everyone,

After a long discussion, we at DDF have decided to make "Translation in English" mandatory for all posts which are posted in regional languages including Hindi (General chat and Jokes Threads exempted). We understand that if you use regional language, there would be several members who won't be able to understand your query. And because of this, even if they have a solution to your queries, they cannot help you.

We believe that each and every member of our forum deserves to get quick solutions to the issues they face. And for that, we need to make sure everyone can understand what the fellow member has posted. Keeping this in mind, please refrain yourselves from posting in regional languages including Hindi, if you cannot provide translation in English.

Primarily, English must be used while posting anything. Even if you are not very fluent in writing English, please try to frame sentences. We will try to correct as and when we see any mistakes on such posts. However, as you all know, all the team members are busy in their personal and professional lives, so the voluntary corrections may or may not happen. We request your cooperation in this regard.

Thank you for your understanding!

Team DDF
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Great decision! Total support from me.
but if i write wrong English(as english is not cup of tea to me) and anyone make fun out of that???

Let us (all members of DDF), ensure that such things are not happening when someone post in wrong English.. We can try to modify it in proper English.
but if i write wrong English(as english is not cup of tea to me) and anyone make fun out of that???
@Optimus_Prime bro:
As @M.J.Sadiq bro mentioned, we will surely ensure that won't happen. But still if someone tries to make fun of anyone's english, we will warn that guy.
We, at team, will also try to fix that error if we find it. And i request to all members that if any of us make any mistake in writing (typo), do PM about that error to the person who posted it. Making fun out of someone's errors is not good and is Strictly Prohibited.
It will discourage him from typing in english.
We are all here to share knowledge & help each other. Let us be united & enjoy our stay at DDF.
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