Vidya Balan mistaken for Kim Kardashian


25 Mar 2011
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Vidya Balan,the Malyali Bollywood actress While visiting the Wills India Fashion Week, she was mistaken for being the sexy American actress Kim Kardashian by an Australian gay.

Vidya Balan shared the experience with reporters,The Australian man saw her at Wills India Fashion Week and he thought she was Kim Kardashian. Australian gay had asked directly, Vidya if she was Kim Kardashian . “I am gay, but you are really hot. By any chance are you Kim Kardashian?”.

After this incident, now the actress is slowly being recognized on the international level
It is really unimaginable to compare Vidya to Kim. I have seen Vidya in a Hotel. Looks like an ordinary next-door girl. No sexy figure or impressive look. The fellow who mistaken the identity should be blind.
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