Discussion Zee Entertainment promoters plan to sell up to 50% holding worth Rs 87.5 bn

If Zee is purchased by a foreign company, this means Sun will be the biggest Indian-owned network. Most of the other big networks have a foreign ownership already.
Yes, Zee will lost that(Indian) label.But apart from general entertainment Zee is not powerful on streaming, Foreign content, Sports etc. If any foreign media conglomerate approach them it will be beneficial to both.We don't know who is interested indian or foreign.
Network18-Zee deal could lead to monopoly in TV industry.
So chances of this happening is low.
Network 18-Zee will not happen nearly. Network 18 is already partnered with Viacom. And it will give a bouqet of replicated news channels and become useless. Not good for both.
Guys, it doesn't mean taking over. Essel will still continue to hold 25 percent and it's partners will control around 50 percent. Only the 25 percent of the total stakes to be acquired by other firms and it's for the beneficiary of Zee which will invest in tech oriented business. This deal will be for a limited period of time and Essel will get back the stakes. But, nothing is predictable in business.
Most of the the acquisitions are eventually through buying shares. Here Zee is offering a major part (50%).So anything can happen in future.
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