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    Smartphone which has "LTE only" option in MObile networks

    Hello Friends  Help me in finding a phone which has "LTE only" option in its mobile networks along with "WCDMA only" option and "GSM only" option  and also which is VoLTE Enabled  I have LYF Smartphone "Wind 6" but i want other brand model also tell me if Remi 3s and Moto G4 has these...
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    Need Digital Satellite Finder ?

    Can anyone tell me where can i buy Digital Satellite finder which can work with all DTHs like Dish Tv, Tata Sky , Airtel ,etc. What will be its cost around ? also if it is available online ?
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    NGC Music HD

    Is NGC Music HD channel a True HD Channel ???? It does not have HD written in its logo like all other National geographic HD Channels Thats's why i thought so...........
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    Subtitles in Sony PIX HD

    Why there are no subtitles on Sony Pix Hd in Dish Tv whereas there are subtitles on Sony Pix Hd in Tata Sky You can check it on Tata Sky
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