Tata Play adds Thanthi One, Raj Nagaichuvai, and Raj Pariwar

Thanthi One is available for free, while Raj Nagaichuvai and Raj Pariwar are priced at Rs. 1.50 and Rs. 0.75 per month.

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Direct-to-home (DTH) operator Tata Play has added Thanthi One, Raj Nagaichuvai, and Raj Pariwar to its platform. Thanthi One was added on 18th April 2024 while Raj Nagaivhuvai and Raj Pariwar on 19th April 2024. Thanthi One is available on LCN 1537, Raj Nagaichuvai and Raj Pariwar on LCN 1588 and LCN 857 respectively.

  • Tata Play added Thanthi One
  • Raj Nagaichuvai on Tata Play
  • Raj PAriwar exclusively on Tata Play

Thanthi One is a Tamil regional movie channel offering a wide range of well-liked Tamil movies from every genre. Tata Play subscribers can view Thanthi One channel for free of cost. This channel was exclusively available on Tata Play until Airtel Digital TV added it on 19th April 2024 by allocating LCN 778.

Raj Nagaichuvai is a new 24×7 Tamil comedy-centric channel launched by Raj Television Network which airs funny sketches, hilarious comedy moments from popular Tamil movies, and much more to entertain the audience with laughter. Raj Nagaichuvai is priced at Rs. 1.50 per month to subscribe. Raj Nagaichuvai is exclusive to Tata Play and no other DTH operator carries this channel on their platform.

Raj Pariwar also comes under the Raj Television Network. It is a Hindi music channel and subscribers can listen to the famous 80s and 90s songs by just paying Rs. 0.75 per month. Raj Pariwar is also exclusive to Tata Play and no DTH had it until now.

Thanthi One and Raj Nagaichuvai additions have been an absolute blast for Tamil Subscribers. The total count of Tamil channels goes to 65 of which 11 HD and 54 SD channels are available on the Tata Play platform.

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