An ethernet boost for your DTH services soon


22 Mar 2011
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You can now watch Internet movies directly on your TV without the help of a PC or a laptop. One can access the global world of films, text, audio, animation and video, all on the TV set through a set-top box. All this, with a few connections.

Ethernet is the new buzzword in the Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV service. The entry of the Ethernet connection sets you free from the overbearing hold of the cable operators and DTH service providers. Ethernet is a combination of frame based networking technologies. It entered as a simple PC sharing medium, and gradually evolved from a shared system to a sophisticated network with distributed data availability. Ethernet has largely replaced the competing wired Local Area Network (LAN) standards today. To access this multimedia world, you primarily need a high-speed access to the Internet and for that your set-top box should be equipped with an Ethernet port.
An Ethernet port looks very much like a regular phone jack, but is slightly wider. This port can be used to connect your computer to another computer, a local network or even to the global multimedia network. An Ethernet port is an opening on your computer network equipment or your set-top box that Ethernet cables and connectors plug into. The trade name for the plug in connector is RJ-45.
Armed with the Ethernet cable and port connected to your set-top box or a smart TV, you can access the world of DTH Internet movies.
At present the new high definition box (HD) and Personal Video Recorder (PVR) set-top box have this facility. According to trade sources, the services will be available in the next two to three months. Netflix, world’s leading Internet subscription-based movie and television show rental service in the US, is eying the Indian market too. This could provide a great fillip to the Internet movie scene in India.​
tata sky+ and tata sky+ hd box and videocon d2h 3d and zpper hd box already giving it soon dish tv and adtv will give it surely,
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