Discussion Are you totally on DTH/cable or switched to OTT?

What service are you using?

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4 Aug 2021
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With the rise of OTT and delay in launching HD by all operators, are your guys completely using HD packs on DTH or switched to OTT?
How much monthly you pay for the same?
Previously nearly payed nearly 950 - 1100p.m. in total for ott and dth....
But now only paying 750 p.m.with all the cost cuttings...without losing much apps..
With all these prime and aha are extra which are yearly plans
Dth is not an important entertainment source for our family it's just for background noise mostly.
so,looking for more ways for reducing it...
Using mix of DTH + OTT.
Since my TV is 3-4 year old, it has only 1 HDMI slot so I took Airtel Xtreme and have been completely happy with it.
Only my wife watches TV so I went with UDP 12M pack and paying 117 monthly.
However in recent time, Airtel has removed sd card support and USB support from their boxes and now I am unable to connect gamepad or use SD card. Thus airtel has removed only advantage it had over FTS or mi box.
Since our TV upgrade is long due, we will completely ditch airtel as OTT needs will be met by smart TV OS and channel needs by respective apps.
Hence, I am really excited to join cord-cutter generation and as a result, I will be visiting more onlytech rather than dreamdth :D
Totally shifted to OTT costing 706/-(incl.GST) for 30mbps +16OTT platform+Live Tv+Landline
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I am using a combination of DTH (Tata Play) and multiple OTT services. But not fully shifted to OTT, and might not be planning to shift at least until a few years from now.

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I already had Wifi at my home, and always felt that cable had same repetitive stuff, so when I bought Android TV i switched to OTT only, Cable used cost me like 300 PM and OTT costs me 250 PM. So I'm also saving a little bit.
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