B-Town protests against police action

26 May 2011
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On Saturday night Mumbai police detained 31 youngsters on the charge of dancing 'indecently' at a nightspot in Malad. The police justified their action against the youngsters on "moral grounds". This has shocked Mumbaikars, who are protesting against unwanted police action...

Akshay Kumar, Actor
It's a shame something like this has happened but I understand why the police has taken such action. As a parent, I would say it's more our responsibility to deal with the kids for any kind of misconduct rather than society's. I'm glad the youngsters were let go in the morning, now their parents can choose how to deal with them. I pray no one was hurt and I hope everyone has learnt their lesson. So, punishment like this can be avoided.

Sonam Kapoor, Actress
The incident that has happened is pathetic! Dancing in any form is beautiful and everybody has the right to express themselves the way they want.

Celina Jaitly, Actress
The police cannot do moral policing. If you are legally an adult and the dance is consensual, I don't see anything wrong with it. Who decides what is dirty dancing and what isn't? In that case, the government should make this a law and take it up in Parliament. Start a debate, pass a bill and then enforce such strictures on people. As long as the couple participating are consenting adults, in a non-drug, non-violent environment, morality cannot be the basis of judging how one dances or what one does in order to pass time.

Ekta Kapoor, Producer
Who decides what is dirty or not? In a party of 70 people, the way you dance is a personal thing. Who has the right to be moral? Why don't people try and interfere in so many other wrong things happening in society? I believe that inhibition and prohibition creates bigger desires in society and acts as the catalyst for crimes to happen. More criminals, including sexual offenders, are born out of inhibition and prohibition. It's a free country and what is the law should be followed. What is considered indecent by some but not in the law should be clearly defined in the law. Everyone has their own level of morality and decency. We are less conscious about manners than morals. People have their parents and families to teach lessons. Who is the police to decide what's indecent? Crime and moral policing are two different things. Anything that is against your will is a crime.

Candice Pinto, Model
There must be a reason why they were charged with dancing indecently. There are parties happening across the city at any given point in time. The cops generally only intervene if you cross your limit.

Nikkhil Arya, Actor
Oh, so now the moral police is going to define what is decent and indecent dancing... the corrupt system is totally confused about the image they want to portray. Firstly, whether it's busting nightclubs or eateries the cops do it inconsistently and erratically with no set of laws to enforce their whims. The rest of the year the same cops are seen openly greasing their palms and turning a blind eye towards the same venue and other venues in the vicinity. This is nothing but selective terrorising and a mockery of proceedings at will.

Minissha Lamba, Actress
It sounds like such a waste of government's time and effort. The cops' enthusiasm for moral policing should have by now been used in drastically diminishing the statistics of sexual crimes against women and children.

Bosco, Choreographer
Our culture is not used to the whole concept of dirty dancing. That form of dancing is not acceptable the way it is done. Caesar and I haven't done any dirty dancing for any films of ours as there's not been been any kind of requirement or song situation for it.

Koena Mitra, Actor
To me, dirty dancing is striptease and that can't be done at public events. But this was a ticketed event. They invited all kinds of people. It was not a secretive thing. Dancing is the most beautiful form of keeping the mind and body healthy. There are lots of rave parties happening where people sell and use drugs. The cops should be stopping those parties. It depends on how the people were perceiving the dance. If I don't see the dance as a strip dance, I don't find that dance dirty!

Tusshar Kapoor, Actor
It's too petty an issue to demand so much attention from the cops. Especially, when the kids were dancing at a club. We have bigger problems that demand serious attention. The focus should be on such cases, not a bunch of youngsters having a good time over the weekend. Also, who defines what's 'dirty dancing' and 'too close for comfort'? There shouldn't be any moral policing in such cases.

Kashmera Shah, Actor
What's dirty dancing? I want the cops to explain what amounts to this, maybe they could dance and show us, so that in the future we will know how to behave in a club. Even in something like Bharatnatyam, we have to spread our legs and it could amount to anything. So I suggest the cops go about this constitutionally. Bring in an amendment and make it legal, because you can't tell grown ups how to behave in public place.

Longinus Fernandes, Choreographer
When I think of the term 'Dirty Dancing', I associate it with the film by the same name, which was a hit across the globe. If the youngsters were aping the moves from the movie, I see no reason why anyone should object to it, as it's a style of dancing. However, if there was a striptease act or a lot of pelvic gestures, then it's the dirtiest form of dancing."

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