Bin Bulaye Baarati is a badly reassemled film

26 May 2011
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MUMBAI: Bin Bulaye Baarati is like a 1960s C grade film in its approach and content as well as treatment.

In this totally cliché ridden film, there are conmen, there are villains, innocent villagers and buffoon policemen; there are also two mandatory item numbers. The ingredients are put in a mixer and 'Comedy' switch pressed. Wish it was so simple.

The police chief, Neeraj Vora, has a subordinate, Om Puri, whom he has superseded. Om Puri has a glad eye for the chief's wife, Rati Agnihotri, and hence, to be of help to them, Om Puri offers to take care of their house while pest control is carried out. The pest control guys clean up the chief's house of everything.

On the other side is Aftab Shivdasani, the quintessential hero of senseless film, who is romancing Om Puri's ward, Priyanka Kothari; they are on the run because he would not let them romance. There is Mukesh Tiwari with his side kick, Hemant Pandey; they are the liquidators of all the loot that the sinister villain, Gulshan Grover, brings to them.

This time the loot is worth Rs 500 million. To crown them all is Johny Lever with over amplified mannerisms of gay. The Rs 500 million loot has been looted unwittingly by the hero and there is a train chase on. The not so good and the bad all land up in a village with a mandatory mausi, a crackpot, Shakti Kapoor, a bewda who thinks he is a reincarnation of Keshto Mukherji and a couple of village chhammakchhallos. Every scene and comedy is so ancient this could be a reassembled film from the trash of a dozen old destroyed negatives.

This is not a film where even artistes would bother to display talent; the problem is that most even fail to hide the lack of it. Aftab Shivdasani leads the pack with Priyanka Kothari flashing her single expression whenever the camera is on her. Gulshan Grover is at his worst while Shakti Kapoor, playing a mad man, is his usual self since there is not much difference when he plays normal roles. Mukesh Tiwari is somewhat sincere while Hemnat Pandy is the most tolerable of the lot. Johny Lever needed some better lines. Direction is not evident anywhere. Other technical aspects are below the mark.

Bin Bulaye Baarati is poor.
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