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3 Nov 2010
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On my rdtv Box all channel activate but 990 isp video show "smart card pairing error" epg show installation detail


Have you changed your smart card?
As vikram bro. This ch is for engineers who install the dth .so this ch. Is available for them not for us. The same message is also on 997 as they are testing BIG CBS HD on this ch.
"smart card pairing error" message means that you box and smart card is not pair.
now RDTV has started pairing smart card with the box so that we can not use the card with other boxes previously you can put smart card in any box and watch now they have started pair ,
pair of HD DVR and HD boxes are going on . after that other SD boxes will be pair for testing purpose they have kept channel no 997 , the boxes which are not pair will show pairing error on 997 and the boxes which are paired will show testing .

regarding 990 channel . that channel is only for ISP where they give training for their engineer how to install dish , documentation and other works. other than ISP no one will get that channel.

for testing smart card pairing they are using this both channel 997 and 990
sorry bumping old thread, but i feel this is appropriate because my problem is related to this thread

i purchased reliance dth (that time name was Big tv) in 2008, and watched for one and half year,. But then i have not recharged my account from 2010, from that time i am using DD direct plus..

But because i am dth enthusiast, i often use to check my reliance stb for any new updates like channel addition, software upgrade, interface/logo change etc.. till 2012 , i remember i was not getting smart card pairing error 108, but from middle of 2012 i am getting that error, but i can get software upgrades, channels addition updates, flash screen messages, 2-3 fta channels like rajyasabha, loksabha, gyandarshan..

Now i wanted to resume my services specially for watching daily soaps, and infotainment channels,.. today i called to cc and asked why i am getting that error, they told may be because you changed smart card, but i told them that i have not changed smart card at all, but then they told whatever it is , if you are getting that error then you have to recharge with rs400 (excluding monthly recharge for package you have activated ),

when i have not changed my smart card nor set top box, then why i should pay? please give your opinions
ask cce to transfer your call to senior.then tell senior to scan or pair (whtever)
ur scn with the code (jo stb k niche likha hoga).
Rohit Marathi said:
in suspended mode can they do this process of card pairing?

Yes Bro Cc Will Processed But Channel Only Not Working & U Will Recharge After Channel Wil Be Working
I am not found any code or stricker anywhere on stb, then how to get that code?
Rohit Marathi said:
I am not found any code or stricker anywhere on stb

Rohit bro Please contact Cc & CC Only Paired smart Card & CC will Send Smartcard Pairing Code To Stb & Please Note CC Only Smart Card Pairing
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