channel no will change


6 May 2011
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Sanskar TV previous Channel No: 1113 now Channels No : 763

sadhna news and asta bhajan previous Channels No: 1110, and 1111 now Channels No: 761 and 760

B4U Movies Channels No: 1112 now channel no No : 214
RE: channel no changed

any idea why they have make this change?:huh
RE: channel no changed

disht will just arrange it in a particular order and place the channel in its own place.wait
RE: channel no changed

Bapun Raz said:
any idea why they have make this change?:huh

lot of the members who do not have any idea of these things just cry that dishtv is using dd dth channels and increasing channel count etc

but the main point why dishtv is re-arranging is because those particular channels have also entered into some mutual agreement with Dishtv..
and that is why reason why they relocate the channels in order ..
oho may be amarjeet is guessing it.:blush:
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