Delhi Belly will screw Aamir's reputation?


7 Apr 2011
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Imran Khan clarifies on the adult content of his forthcoming film.

Delhi Belly's songs like DK Bose and Penture have been topping most of the music charts. The youngsters have developed instant liking for the film, thanks to the songs, however few are appalled by the usage of inappropriate words in these songs.

We asked Imran if the film would ruin Aamir Khan Productions' reputation owing to it's adult content? The actor was quick to clarify how Aamir Khan is one of the most responsible producers we have today. "Will this screw the reputation of Aamir Khan productions? It is definitely not a film made for children and kids should not watch Delhi Belly. However, Aamir is the most responsible producer. The censors have given us A certificate and we haven't kept that under wraps, besides the humour in the film is not below the belt. We haven't misled the audiences at all. I have seen many Hindi films which have filthy language, sexist jokes, double meaning innuendos and they still don't call themselves adult! We have not done that" concluded Imran.

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