Dharmendra's secret to success: Believe in yourself!

26 May 2011
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When asked about what Dharmendra believes is the key to succeeding, Dharmendra dug into his own past and related a story from his days as an aspiring actor.

He said, every day, in his native Punjab, he would look at the Frontier Mail and wish upon it. He would pray that one day this same train would take him to Mumbai where he could fulfil his dream of becoming an actor. Finally, it was that very Frontier Mail that brought him to Mumbai and made his career as one of the most charismatic actors in the Indian Film Industry.

He had just one thing to say to all the contestants of India's Got Talent that had come to try out their luck on the show. He says, "Everyone is here because they have some talent to show off. That has been given to them by god. But what they need the most is to believe in their own talent. If you believe you can do it, no force in the world can stop you from achieving success. Your destiny is in your own hands and all you need is to believe in yourself!"

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