DDF Exclusive DreamDTH and the year 2017 - A memorable journey

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Hi friends,

Just thought to make this thread to congratulate everyone on being part of us on the year 2017.

Hope everyone had a pleasant time with us. :giggle:

Would like to share some special moments of the year on DDF:

Just like our lives, this year was a mixture of both good and bad things for our forum too.

We lost a day data due to server ups and downs however we also successfully migrated to a new forum platform, XenForo which was a big user as well as admin enhancement and gave us many advanced features. :love:

Forum has received many useful and new members and we are glad we helped them as well as they helped for the forum's growth.

This year we also had some of the long time teams members left who got busy with their personal lives however we got many new and energetic team members. Thankful to all the current and ex-team members who made what DDF is today, without the hard working team forum would not have been the same.

Expecting the same support and even stronger bonding in the year 2018.

We assure you to work even more harder and keep bringing new updates. :)

Have a Happy and Joyful New Year 2018 ahead friends. :cool:

Feel free to share your DDF experiences with us here via this thread.:tup:
ddf is currently in good position and hope in future to.all members are sharing useful information time to time.
I also got many useful information from ddf

Happy New Year 2018 all my DDF Friends:win:
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DDF is a family for me also..:kiss::kiss:

Can't able to pass a day without coming to this lovely forum..:smile:

It is the best place to gain and share knowledge...After joining here I have also gained many knowledge about DTH,TV channels,Telecom,gadgets etc...:tup::tup:

In the year 2018 also our forum will be great and amazing

Wishing A Happy New Year to all my dear friends here...:win::cheers:
I was joined this forum in September by browsing some of the kannada Channels information in Google when I entered this forum starting days I was opening website only twice a day after coming days I got to know soo many information abt channels,dths and different topics now days I am checking this website 2 times for an hour. Also I installed Tatasky on suggestions of you guys otherwise I was ready to install Sun direct HD.
I ll not leave dreamdth at any moment.
I am THANKFUL to each and every member in this forum for sharing important informations.
Happy New year 2018 🎆🎈
Had a nice last three months of 2017 on ddf .Hope the same in 2018 and hope ddf run like a "bull" in 2018:)
I woke up in morning and first thing i do is to check ddf and the same thing after i came back from school and so on
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I am honoured to be a part of this foum since this year (account was inactive earlier), though I will have to cut down on DDF now due to the upcoming Board examinations. :lol: Congratulations to all, and especially the team! Though I do feel sorry for one team member who was with us for many years but got banned permanently. Anyway life goes on. :tup:
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