26 Aug 2011
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plz tell me bapun raz es forum sai logo ko kiya help hosakta hai.aap logo kai hotai howai log help karnai kaleyai mere sath pakistan contact karaha hai aur aap log waha bet kar logo ki thread block kartai hai..................why....detail w8s a problem
well brother we are not closing any thread without any reason.if anyone want dish tv dealer id then as mr.vikram our co-admin told he can contact with dish tv care or buy 6stb's and get that.also some other tricks to get it.also bro i am not against anyone or work.just think any of indian forum not giving this type of dealer id.anyways not going to close it anymore.team will take care about this very well i know.

but now thread open and giving Proof Of Dealer id.
we close Coz we now it is impossible here, no any one create/given Delaler id without Dishtv Permission,

I have many dealer id and know very well About dealer id but Distribute of dealer id is illigle here but Not in Pakistan .
Closing this type of thread is normal in all forums. Members should follow the rules. If this is allowed, next will be unethical hacking.
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