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The Best Performing DTH of 2019 is?

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Despite more number of channel additions on ADTV, Tata Sky still got highest number of channels.

Tata Sky: 497 SD and 91 HD = 588
ADTV: 486 SD and 86 HD = 572
Yes also a good point. But this year AD TV added more channels than TATA Sky. Also they launched Airtel Xtreme Box.. So voted for ADTV.
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ADTV performed way better than the competitors throughout the year. Continuous addition to the platform and catering the needs of the customer by providing useful features like recording even in normal hd boxes, not putting a sky high price tag on their DVR boxes. Which some of the competitors are yet to understand. Airtel really deserve to win this poll.
Undoubtedly My Vote goes To ADTV for massive channel additions😍 and its performing really well in the market and also they have all HD Channels of major groups and only some important indiacast HD Channels are only pending which I hope will added soon 🙂
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My vote to SUN Direct as they offered us Sports, Infotainment & English Movies channels (my favorite 3 genres) under ₹200 (including NCF+GST) per month!!
Also added so many ROI channels, no monthly lock-in, & much more reasons.
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