Forum software upgraded - New features, enhancements, and bug fixes

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3 Nov 2010
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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our forum software to version 2.2. This update brings new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, including a redesigned text editor, thread types, self-username changes, Progressive Web App (PWA), built-in image uploading feature, and much more.

So, without any further delay, let's dig into what's new 👇
Username change requests

Earlier, you had to request a team member to change your username. But now you can change your username by yourself. However, a team member's approval is still required.

For detailed information and guidance on how to change your username, please check: How to change your username


Upload and share images using the built-in image uploading feature

The Imgur image uploading feature is now back with deeper integration with the forum software. You can upload an image using the Insert image icon on the editor, and then select upload images.


For detailed information on how to upload and share images using the built-in image uploading feature, please check: How to upload and share images using the built-in image uploading feature
Thread Types

While composing a new thread, you can now select a specific thread type based on your content. There are four different thread types to choose from, which include question, article, poll, and discussion.


Question thread- It can be used when you are looking for a definitive answer from users or a solution to a particular query. Users have the option to upvote or downvote an answer, and also sort answers by date or by vote. The original poster (OP) can mark an answer as a solution by clicking on the "Mark as Solution" button on the right side of the answer post.

Note: Please mark the accurate and appropriate answer as a solution so that other members can also find the solution easily.

Poll threads
- It can be used when you are looking for opinions or preferences.

Discussion threads- A discussion thread is the classic thread type that we are mostly using. Use discussion thread when you want to discuss with members on a particular topic, or your content is not suitable for any other thread types.

Note: If you select a wrong thread type and want to change it to the appropriate thread type, you need to report it to the team. A team member will change it to the correct thread type. However, changing the thread type can cause some data loss. So, please try to select the correct thread type in the first place to avoid any data loss.
Redesigned text editor

The text editor now features a more modern look with updated icons and fewer controls on the surface.


It also includes a new Insert GIF button that allows users to search and insert GIFs right from the editor. Click on the GIF button and then select a GIF to add it to the editor. You can also search for GIFs using the search bar.


The Preview button is now placed on the top-right corner of the editor as a tab. Clicking on Preview disables the editor and shows a preview of the composed message on the editor.

Another new improvement is Quotes. In the previous version, the quoted text is displayed with a quote tag on the editor, but with this new update, it shows the rendered content.
Progressive web app

DreamDTH forum is now a progressive web app (PWA), and you can install it as an app on your computer or Android devices to get a native app-like experience.


Similar threads and thread suggestions

Similar threads is a feature that displays similar or relevant threads below the quick reply area on the thread view pages. Previously, it was achieved through an add-on, but with this update, it supports natively.


While composing a new thread title, it will suggest related threads right below the thread title in real-time, allowing you to check and avoid posting a duplicate thread.


Unfurling URLs

When you insert an URL into the content, the unfurling reads the site's data and provides a richer preview along with the link. The preview includes the page title, metadata logo, favicon, and content description. This feature is not limited to our website links and any third-party website URLs can be unfurled as long as they have the required structured data for it at their end.


This feature also eliminates the mandatory requirement of content summary rewriting/copy-pasting, since the preview automatically adds two lines of text. However, we still encourage members to write a short summary along with the source link at the end of the post. It helps forum growth and saves the forum reader's time of clicking and loading another webpage. It can also be helpful when the linked page is deleted.
Writing before registering

Guest users can now compose a new thread or a reply, similar to a logged-in member. However, when guest users click the Post Thread or a Post Reply button, a registration form is presented, where they are asked to register an account to submit their composed message.


Guest users need to fill out the registration form, including username, Email ID, and password. They can also login or register through external accounts. Once the user has completed the registration, the composed message will be submitted automatically, and the user will also receive an alert with a link to that post.

If a guest user already has an account, they can use the Login option available on the registration page. The composed message will be submitted automatically, and the user will receive an alert with a link to that post.
Activity summary email

The Activity summary is an email, periodically sent to members who opt for, includes an overview of what they have missed since their last visit to the forum.

To opt for receiving Activity summary emails, click your username on the top bar and then click Account details or Privacy. Check "Receive activity summary email" under Email options, and click save. You will receive an Activity summary email when you don't visit the forum for a while.


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