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27 Oct 2016
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Hello everyone,

At times you may want to change your username for a specific reason, either to correct it or to set a proper username. Previously, you had to request a team member to change your username, but with this new update, you can change your username by yourself. However, a team member's approval is still required.

Username allows other members to recognize you on the forum, and members may not be able to recognize you if you select a completely new username. We recommend you to change your username only when it is necessary.

Please Note:
  • You can change your username only once in 180 days.
  • Your username must contain only alphanumeric characters
  • Do not use All Caps or special characters in your username
  • Your new username should not conflict with any other username on the forum.
  • Your username must not contain any website link, contact address, mobile number, or email.
  • Do not use parody or brand names as your username.
  • You may use a username that was recently used by another member. However, you must wait for 30 days to be able to choose that username.
  • Team reserve the right to refuse your username change requests.

Here's how to change your username

Click on your username beside the message icon on top, and then click Account details.


Beside your username, click Change.


A Change username pop-up will open. Here you can also check the date when you will be able to change the username again if you decide to change it now.


Enter your new username, followed by a valid reason for changing the username. When done, click Save.


After reviewing your new username and valid reason for changing the username, a team member will approve your request. A 'username changed' icon will appear next to your username on the tooltip card and profile page, which will be available for 60 days. Any registered or non-registered user can click or tap on that icon to see your previous username.
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