Fraud and Cheated by Dish TV India


14 Oct 2011
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I have Dish TV connection, I have recharged for two monthes but I had to go outside of City so I email to dishtv customer care for Temp.deactiveate connection (for 60 days). I also got call from dish TV guy that he deactivated my connection, now I called to customer care for activate again then i got shocking reply.

" your dish TV connection didn't deactivate and you don't have any balance now, you will have to recharge for watch more"

When i said i got confirmation call from you about deactivation then he disconnected my phone. I called many time but poor response. I am also using D2H i think i should bought Second new connection of D2h

Now I will not use this connection anymore, Ppor person, poor company, i think they are coming on Road,

I have sent him email that i will case in court, because they didn't send me any email about this problem or nor contacted us.


Admin note-Personal details like mobile no.,vc details are not allowed here openly.So don't share and removed now.
well this is what u will get from a company which is pro in spreading cheat policies and schemes. if u have proof or a request number for temporary suspension when u placed it, tell trai about it and file a case against dish tv
One customer problem doesnt make a DTH company fraud..... if same problem is faced by a subscriber of an another dth operator, we cant say its fraud too?? .... Stop anti dish tv campaign.... in the forum... Mr dino, please stop complaining against dish tv whenever u get a chance....
I am too victim of DishTV fraud.
I bought, few years back, dishtv with a rider that STB + remote could be return back to dishtv and some amount would be returned back. After one year or so I requested for the same ... they just simply say NO to my request :wall
You people will contact fraud dealers which will do injustice to customers, if u are so aware have u contacted the dish tv headquaters office directly in gurgaon and launched a complaint? People wont do that.... I am also a tata sky SD subscriber and have faced problems in recharge etc, have i told tata sky is fraud??? Most of these problems dont reach the main people and you people will start blaming the DTH company totally.
Mr mystic... if u have contacted the dish tv headquaters gurgaon then reply to the post... its a kind request... Thanks...
i am also agree with mr biswajit.dishtv is a very good and reputed company.We should contact the matter with the particular dealer so that problem will be solved easily....
ya i am a dishtv subscriber from last 5 yrs , i not got any problem .
only with recharge remainders through call so, stopped it now .. :)
Recharge reminder is a good habit by Dishtv.:tup
Some do like it and some does not.
I think amarjeet = biswajeet = some fraudulent lousy executive at the dishtv office whom customers like us pay their hard earned money only to get attitude and sarcasm over phone and insults.

I have been using DishTV for the last 5 years now. Over time without informing me, channels have been removed from my package like star sports, star cricket, espn, etc (they keep doing that)... and new add on packages introduced and charged extra from me (like utv pack which I NEVER ordered). I never bothered much since I use the DTH very less and have very little time for complaining. Recently my parents came to stay with me and they need to watch TV. Thats when the problems started coming up since the view time increased.

I had made a payment of 700 INR on 16th Oct. On 28th Oct I received a mail from their customer care, which extended my validity to 4th January 2012. I called up customer care to verify since I did not make any extra payment. They assured me it must have been some promotional offers (like the 40 free channel offer going at that time) and I need not worry. They also asked me about any other issue, to which I told them that I wasnt getting Star TV pack, zee tv, etc.. for over 6-7 months. They sent over a person to repair the issue and I had to pay 250 Rs for that.

On 15th December, I found all my channels gone. I called up customer care and they rudely told me that the connection is in the name of Mr. Vikant and without any email ID or mobile number registered, not in my name. I should verify my details like what MY NAME IS and call back. I have been a customer for the last 5 years with the same name , same Email ID and Registered mobile no.

So I called up the North India number and they changed back my details after blaming ME of changing all details as according to them the system could NEVER have done so on their own. They also mentioned that the 200 Rs was taken back on 30th oct and my validity went back to 17th Dec (I made new payment on 17th, but they refused to reactivate my account automatically) and I wasnt informed as my Distv was not on for 2 hours during that time !!!!??? Overall I have to pay 20 Rs for reactivation and recharge. (actually they must have allocated my VC no. to some new customer who paid 200 Rs, and all my details were removed. Later they changed it and my account was penalised, but they never changed back my info) Complete goofup. They ridiculed me for bothering about the 20 Rs, even though I was talking of the information mismanagement and the headache i had to bear. I mostly remain out of town and didnt want my parents to undergo this harrassment. But for them the money is the only thing that matters.

I sent a mail back asking for a refund of 20 Rs, and an apology for the misbehaviour and criticism I received over phone. They replied that its not possible and if I want to discontinue, I can do. What kind of behaviour is that? I was told that my next recharge date is 13th Jan and after that I can disconnect. On 13th Jan I paid for 1 month (350 Rs) early in the morning to avoid disconnection. To my surprise my next recharge date was 8th Feb instead of 13th. I called them and they said that somehow they had deactivated my account before 13th as per instructions from dishTV main office, so 20 Rs goes there, and they activated a UTV package which took some money. None can be refunded and I shouldnt bother much since its a small amount.

This is cheating, pathetic customer treatment and customer harassment. I want compensation for the same. (I know those swines will never bother since some time back they were no.1 in the country. But I will make sure that those lousy bunch of fools are as harassed as me and my family have been because of them. They will be hitting the lows very soon.)
really embrassing situation u faced brother.Just contact with nodal officer otherwise leave dishtv
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