Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!

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4 Aug 2011
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Guess the Celebrity this show is very popular now a day’s do you know Why it’s not because that show make rich someone with a huge price but due to money making from each and every calls i.e. ISD charges Rs 12/minute, it’s a fraud programs telecast by so many channels.

:c yes these are fraud programs.
I don't know why IBF is NOT taking action on such program.:angry:
@jivan :luv its a good post. it may help our members to stay away from such cheaters.
well i9 know it since inception that these shows r fraud. they keep u on hold, make their crew memebrs disguised as callers to give wrong answers and in end get a right answer from a fraud caller. dont call them ever, they will eventually close. these damn cheaters r big a##holes
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