DTH updates [Guide] How to move/relocate channels in SunDirect

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Its not working for me, as soon as I switch off and switch on the tv again all the settings are getting erased
Yes bro it's won't work,I have tried lot of times,but it will erase after Settop turned off. I think after new UI update the problem may have solved
Bro which Settop box are you using
S32102. No firmware upgraded from long.
Yes bro using same box,last update was in 2019 august
I too using the model S32102.
Can't Relocate the channel LCN .
Is there any possibility for software update?
In HSG200 model, if any channel gets added or removed, then automatically our channel move gets reset.
What is solution?
It looks like any user changes to the numerical order (sorting) of the channels, are getting reverted back to the default/original numerical order whenever one of the following happens:

1) A Channel is added or removed.

2) A Genre is added or removed.

Both these things seem to have happened yesterday:

1) The channel 'Reporter TV' was removed.

2) The Genre named 'Bouquet' was removed (refer quoted post below).

I am not sure which of the above 2 changes caused it, but when I switched on the STB last night, all the channels that I had rearranged (sorted to my preference) were back to their original order.

I went ahead and rearranged them to my preference again.
What is solution for it?
If any channel gets added or removed, then it getting erased.
What is solution for it?
If any channel gets added or removed, then it getting erased.

As far as I know, there is no known workaround for this issue. I used to rearrange the channels again to my preference everytime it automatically changed back to the original sorting. But I'm not doing it anymore as the channel sorting gets reverted back to default at least once or twice a month, and it was too much of a hassle for me to keep doing it everytime it did so. So now I have learned to live with just the FAV feature/button. That is still working flawlessly.
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