I am not a solo player: Aamir Khan


7 Apr 2011
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When many of his films including Taare Zameen Par, Peepli Live, Lagaan and even Rang De Basanti, did brisk business at the box office, lots of movie buffs and Aamir Khan-fans planted the credit of the success firmly on the actor turned filmmaker's shoulder. Since more than two decades now, Aamir Khan has been a household name across this country of cine-goers. Aamir has been unanimously hailed as the Bollywood marketing genius and the man with the 'Midas touch'.

Delhi Belly, the latest offing from this marketing genius has almost been given an iconoclast status, and is being much talked about for ushering in the genre of the profane s#x comedy to our country. Aamir has spoken aloud about his faith in this film and its cast and has even set the ball rolling for the movie by springing a last minute surprise himself with an item number - his way of paying homage to the glorious disco era of the late 70s and the 80s. Aamir, the thinker, has donned the sparkling jumpsuit and performed the raunchy pelvic thrust for the song and definitely has the entire nation watching his every move.


Ask him if the item number titled I hate You (Like I Love You) will take the attention away from the main cast of the film and instead leave the audience drooling after Aamir's 'biscuits', he laughs out loud and admits, "Yes, the attention will shift, but only momentarily. But anyways, a film can never work entirely based on an item number. The item number was there because the director (Abhinay Deo) and the writer (Akshat Verma) felt the need for it."
I am not a solo player: Aamir Khan

If Delhi Belly goes on to spark off firecrackers at the box office, there will be no surprise then if the film's success is pinned once again on Aamir's shoulder. Speaking to IBNLive, Aamir however chooses to differ as he points out, "There are many reasons for a film's success. And I am not the only reason..." After a moment's pause, he continues, "Take every film of mine...it originated in the minds of a writer...with whom I have had no connection at all." Talking about his past films, Aamir says, "Lagaan was born in Ashustoh's (Gowarikar) mind. My contribution to the script was zero. For Taare Zameen Par, Peepli Live and Rang De Basanti, the huge contribution was from the writers, and then the director who directed the film. I am not a solo player."

Clarifying about his so-called 'Midas touch', Aamir only chooses to take partial credit for the success of his films. "My credit, you can say is that I have accepted these rather unusual films," concludes the filmmaker.

Source: ibnlive.in.com
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