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I am ready to die for Salman, Shera

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Salman Khan might be a bad boy, hot tempered flamboyant for the world but for Shera (Salman’s Bodyguard), he is the best human being in the world. Shera’s love for his master is unimaginable; he is even ready to die for him.

Shera who has spent over 15 years with Sallu Bhai spoke about his unconditional love for the actor, He said, “I will not think even once before taking every bullet fired at Salman, if ever. I can die for him ... I will never let him down!”

The 45 year old bodyguard of Bhai said, “It’s not at all easy to be a hero’s bodyguard, and it becomes more challenging if the hero is Salman Khan. I always need to make sure that Bhai is safe and nobody disturbs him.”

“I have seen his fans ready to do anything for him. They just want to touch him … feel him. But, whenever Bhai is out into the crowd, he tells me, ‘Do what you have to but make sure that none of my fans ever gets hurt’. I have to properly sit and plan his security whenever he goes for promotions. Such is his aura,” Shera narrated.

Speaking about the actor's nature, he said, “Unhe kabhi gussa nahi aata (He never gets angry). As far as I am concerned, Salman Bhai is the sweetest man. He is boss number one, maalik (master) number one aur human number 1!” added Shera.

Shera came into limelight after he shook a leg with his boss Salman in ‘Bodyguard’.

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