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Disney+Hotstar does provide host of content in various regional languages so i tend to completely disagree with ur point that Hindi is being given more importance. Also all of the content cannot be made available in all regional languages, there r many films which are not dubbed in Hindi too. You can even see that films like Face/Off, The Transporter, Speed Franchise and many others r not available in Hindi

However on a regular basis studios or companies take a call to get movies dubbed in various languages, recently star/disney dubbed The Transporter in Hindi and aired it on UTV Action . You can share ur feedback with them and they will surely evaluate the options.

Disney+Hotstar as well as Star/Disney is providing huge catalogue of regional content across genres hence they r surely catering to all viewers in an equal manner, there is no bias or ignorance for any language.
any punjabi content available?
Are there any even bhojpuri content available? Just see the population of UP, Bihar and Jharkhand and combine with other states.
Hotstar is ignoring languages which are being used very often. There is directly or indirectly biasedness or ignorance. they aren't evaluating further options for audience. Okay, for some moment if we admit that hotstar is not giving importance to one language, but not adding required languages also which is not good at all.
Stop appeasing just Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada viewers. What wrong did Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri etc. viewers did to these studios? Don't say they gotta make money and profit. That is utter nonsense. People all over India buys subscription to OTTs and buys tickets to watch movies on theatre. On top of that Telugu movies are acquired for 100s of crores. But you won't find one Assamese movie on Hotstar.

Over the years national TV channels just gave space to South Indian movies. I have never seen any dubbed Bengali or a Bhojpuri movie. Even a very popular Marathi movie Sairat which has multiple remakes didn't got aired nor did got dubbed in Hindi. Meanwhile you got scene by scene remakes of movies like Kabir Singh, Arjun Reddy, Aditya Verma etc. across channels.

#LookPastSouth #ShowAllofIndia #NotJustSouth

Content is made available in respective regional language based on business viability it holds....same goes for launching a regional channel. There have been attempts made in the past to dub content in Bhojpuri, Punjabi etc. but maybe due to business / financial limitations same cannot be replicated on a big scale like it happens for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu languages etc.

There r still lots of movies, serials, sports, infotainment, kids content which r dubbed/made available in Bengali, Marathi etc. but as i have said compared to Dubbed Content available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. then that ratio difference would b large.

There r select Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi films dubbed in Hindi which r aired on hindi movie channels and available on OTT platforms . I agree that good subject films available in Assamese, Bhojpuri or other languages should also be dubbed in Hindi and shown on Hindi movie channels as well as available on OTT platforms.

Overall each hindi or regional language movie channel should also give adequate slots to its language from native language but equally give appropriate space to regional films dubbed in Hindi. A situation should not arise where hindi movie channels start ignoring bollywood films and primarily air just dubbed south indian movies.

Channels / Hollywood Studios should also make efforts to dub more content / films / shows in regional languages
Also never seen a hindi or english movie dubbed in punjabi. They just dubb punjabi movies in hindi. Know that punjabi people can understand hindi very much but what if anyone wants to see in their own language. There are options to dubb hindi , english or any other language movies to punjabi. But they just dont want to do it.😒

There r various hollywood films dubbed in punjabi which r available online. Most banners / studios do not dub content in Punjabi most likely bcoz of the financial viability angle...hindi dub hollywood / regional movies perform well in Punjab too
Uttar Pradesh a state that contributes third highest GST contributor which has an upcoming film city rivaling bollywood content gets ignored. They are just being ignorant here. Irony here is Star using one of the biggest bhojwood star for their TV programming while not pushing any of her past content.
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Never seen any Marathi movie on Star Gold, Zee Cinema, SET Max etc. Don't have much idea about the stars. If they had pushed it. Sure we would enjoy Marathi movie across the country. Every industry deserves equal treatment. Sure we are familiar with Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Vijay etc. But who are the current Marathi stars?

City of Gold (2010), Mauli, Rocky (2020), Daagdi Chawl, Mukhavate and several other Marathi Movies dubbed in Hindi have been aired on hindi movie channels.

Also lot of Hollywood Movies dubbed in Marathi and Marathi Movies dubbed in Hindi available on OTT platforms too
I knew it. Movies like Aladdin was a feminist propaganda crap. We all know jeanies are just women in a bikini. We all have watched I Dream of a Jeanie. Why would they replace them with Will Smith? He is a male made to play jeanie. He is not even wearing a bikini.

Genie was a man even in the 90s Aladdin movie, cartoon and .movie
Are there any even bhojpuri content available? Just see the population of UP, Bihar and Jharkhand and combine with other states.

Bhojpuri content is available on many other Regional OTT platforms
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