Discussion India should not have more than 5 news channels - Agree or disagree?

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Should India have only 5 channels for news?

  • Yes

    Votes: 46 61.3%
  • No

    Votes: 28 37.3%
  • There shouldn't be news channels at all

    Votes: 5 6.7%

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DD NEWS should be of main national interest and popularity; followed by other private players. Govt should revive national channels and bring in ultramodern technologies, so that common mass find interest in watching. Moreover, there should not be any kind of political, religious bias.
FYI - DD News was 2nd Most most-watched News channel for the first 5-6 Months when it was launched.
I thought about this years ago. But then I noticed how political parties in India co-opt entire news channels. Given there are so many political parties in India, and it is easy to satisfy Indian audiences with cheap bombastic content, I do not see news channel consolidation happening anytime soon. The majority of Indians do not care for true journalism, and instead would prefer primetime shouting matches with jarring graphics as a form of entertainment.
Useless discussion, india is the only country has more no of newspapers in the world, why u didn't ask for only 5 newspaper for india?, India has more than 50+ languages,hence u can't impose your favourite language on others like wise news channel u can't restrict them to 5, foreign countries has only 3 to 4 languages Hence 5 max news channels, before upa 2, getting channel license is nearly impossible only politicians can get, congress govt simplified licence for channels but it backfired for them as channel make use of congress scams especially 2g and common wealth games scam, bjp government is shrewd they put the tab on news channels by putting their man as anchor or editor in chief otherwise channel will get blackouts, only facists/communist like to restrict news channels, till 1990s india is a unofficial communist country that's why only u seen news for 15 mins🤣🤣, you should blame Indian people for watching politician backed news channels
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