Indian Dth In Nepal Are illegal ?


3 Nov 2010
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Many House In Nepal Use Indian Dth like Dish tv,Airtel,Big,Tatasky,Because India Dth Price 650-3000 with 1 month To 12 month free viewing and Maximum channels and A-la cart Option , Nepal Dth Price Rs.8000 And 70 channel no more Add-on like Indian Dth,
For This Issue Nepal government has put up notice about illegal DTH.
Can Nepal Government Stop Other Country Dth in Nepal,
People Say in Nepal "NEapli dth 8000........... Indian dth 3000. Nepali dth=70 channels......indian dth= 500+ channel" ".its not necessary to use yours only....people have freedom to do what they like...yours is too costly...."

Anyways If Live in nepal, .its n necessary To Agree with Nepal Government Rules.
Below images Show Indian Dth are Sell Openly In Nepal Market :

lol..... :D

Intelligent nepalizzz:dance3:
but bad luck :wallnalsirmarna:,NePal Government Given pressure for purchase Nepal Dth, costly and limited service and channels in this.
But also profilt is that they can watch all nepali channels in nepali dths wich is not available in Indian DTH's.
So always profilt:win:
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