Lead couple Ekta Tiwari and Yash Pandit breaks


22 Mar 2011
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This lead couple breaks into fights every now and then and their co-actors have a great time watching them!

If there are cases where love has descended into real life from reel, there are also cases where an onscreen pair simply can’t see eye to eye. One such couple who ends up fighting almost every day is Ekta Tiwari and Yash Pandit from Tere Mere Sapne. The two fight like cats and dogs and, mind you, it’s not affecting their coactors. In fact, they crack jokes on the lead pair’s constant verbal duels. A khabroo from the set informs, “Everyone enjoys when Yash deliberately brings up Ekta’s topic in one way or the other and cracks jokes on her. He even imitates her style, mannerisms and also the way she reacts and talks. Now even Ekta is aware of this and every time she realises that Yash is having fun at her expense, she retorts and both of them end up having a verbal spat.” Apparently, the costars have nicknamed them as Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji of Chalte Chalte who constantly argue and fight only to re-unite during the climax. They opine that by the time the show wraps up this warring reellife couple may turn into a neck-deepin-love real life couple and end up getting married. But this seems to be a distant dream as of now.
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