Magik TV Free ?


22 Mar 2011
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From today I am getting Magik TV, which was unsubscibed till yesterday. Is it free in Mega pack or Free viewing for some time ? Any body getting this channel in Channel Number 126 ?
buddy its free for all now.:up:
Even it is free, it is of no use to me. Magik is a Bhojpuri channel, no interesting programs.
but its useful channel for bhojpuri customers as its a bhojpuri entertainment channel.
nd also only for ses7 viewers, i m on insat 4cr, not able to view this channel.
that's not good

but jenit why u r not moving to ses7???:phone1:
Magik TV is free only till 20th June. Message scrolling on the channel.
Post a screenshot will be more good.
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