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Meera is now played by some other actress? 😟 But show become intresting as it reach back to its original concept.

Pratigya 2 Plot is fully saas bahu one and I have researched about tina Ann she was in aastha and sarvagun sampanna she's very underrated and bhumika Is suitable for sweet bubbly character like nimki not suitable for negetive role I want pratigya 2 to be courtroom drama instead of saas Bahu serial I'm fed up since the early April
Pooja Gor pens down a beautiful note in memories of her co-star Late Anupam Shyam...
‘प्रतिज्ञा’ और ‘सज्जन सिंह ठाकुर’ भले ही विपक्षी विचारधारा के रहें हो, लेकिन ‘बाऊजी’ और ‘बिटिया’ का सम्बंध बहुत ख़ास था।

आपने मुझे अपनी शरण में लिया, शब्दों के सही उच्चारण सिखाए, जिस तरह एक शिक्षक बनकर, यशस्वी पथ की ओर निर्देशन किया उसके लिए मैं आजीवन आभारी रहूँगी।

आपकी दी हुई हिंदी साहित्य की अनमोल किताबें आज भी मेरा हाथ थामें हुए है।

आपके स्नेह, संरक्षण और आपकी अतुलनीय प्रतिभा की कमी महसूस होगी।

ईश्वर आपकी आत्मा को शांति दे।

ॐ शांति ।

Translation by Google :

'Pratigya' and 'Sajjan Singh Thakur' may have been of opposition ideology, but the relation of 'Bauji' and 'Bitiya' was very special.

You took me under your shelter, taught me the correct pronunciation of words, as a teacher, guided me towards a successful path, I will be forever grateful.

The priceless books of Hindi literature given by you are still in my hand.

Your affection, protection and your incomparable talent will be sorely missed.

God rest your soul.


Pratigya 2 ending or not?
Last scene of show was left at 'aage dekhiye'

Guide showing 30 min run only, and no run after today?

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