Maria victim of witch-hunt: RGV

26 May 2011
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Despite protests Ramgopal Varma continues to stick by his statement on Maria Susairaj

The director told TOI, ``If at all I have a role and I think it fits Maria I will not let her background influence me against casting her. See the court has convicted and she has served her sentence and come out she is again entitled to her rights under the law of the land ''

Varma further defends the starlet,. He said,``It is barbaric and not civilised behaviour to penalise her for the rest of her people for some odd reason are taking it for granted that they know better than the judge This is the first time I have realised witch hunting happens not only in rural areas but also in cities.Everyone seems to be taking for granted what the media reported in 2008 to be the truth.If what the media says on the first information is to be taken as the truth then why have a judiciary in the country.And if the protestors somehow know about the truth more than the judge why dont they go to the judge and tell him that? or is that they dont trust the judge and if that is the case why are they singiling her out..''

Political parties too have objected to Varma signing Susairaj MNS has issued a statement that they will not allow it. Varma remains undeterred,. He said,``I know the intergrity and strong sense of justice that Raj Thackeray possesses and I have the highest respect for him and when the time comes will listen to his or his party's reason right now it is too premature for anyone to debate and argue on this as there is no film or role identified and the case is still being appealed. Besides my tweet said "I will not have a problem in signing her for a film which people misinterpreted.''
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