Seeking Help Mtv Beats HD sound issue

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If you already have Universal remote then Your smart tv doesn't need to be paired with DishTV Universal remote. Universal remote is not a Bluetooth remote. Universal remote can control most of TVs includin Smart TVs.
you need to make Universal remote learn key commands of your smart tv remote. it will make easy for you.

Keep pressin OK button followed by 0 key on Universal remote till red light turns ON on TV mode key on Universal remote. ( Don't leave keep Ok and 0 pressed together till you see red light)

Now place Universal remote on plain surface and place your TV remote infront of Universal remote 5 to 6 cm away.

Press TV Volume up key on universal remote and red light will blink once then press Volume up key on your TV/smart tv remote. Red light will blink twice indicatin Universal remote has learned command. Now keep pressin TV power key on Universal remote till red light blinks thrice to save.

You can perform same procedure for Volume down and other keys as per your need.

When you need to control TV just press TV mode on Universal remote and control your TV.
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