DTH updates My new dish tv zing super fta box for South region

After 1 day of use i noticed:

Its only better for viewing FTA channel and 2-3 individual pay channel,

NCF for this box is 1 channel= 10 rupees +(gst), its make too high for adding more number of channels



NCF for adding 12th or more channel it will be (118 without gst)

Yeah offcourse...even u can't change pack to regular pack nd get back the amount.
Company make this box for only those people who want only few paid channels. If you want all major channels then go with other dish tv boxes.
Instead of buying Zing FTA set-top box one should go for Dish TV HD set-top box so that in case if they want to move to higher packages then they don't have to pay high amounts
I am getting zing FTA box as st 2 alignment by tommorow
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