Non-news channels kick off self-regulation


7 Apr 2011
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In what would be a relief to millions of cable TV consumers, the 13-member Broadcast Content Complaints Council (BCCC) put in place by the broadcasters has formally come into effect. This means viewers who wish to complain against the content of around 270 television channels can do so now.
The BCCC will strive to resolve all legitimate complaints within 21 days. Its powers include recommending to the government suspension of any channel found violating the content code. Also, BCCC can cancel the membership of any of its affiliate channels if the broadcaster concerned fails to act on its rulings. BCCC can also initiate suo motu proceedings against any programme broadcast on any of the TV channels.the news channels. Its formation is in line with the adoption of self-regulation mechanism by private broadcasters who have opposed government interference in what they broadcast.
According to Shah, so far the BCCC has come across around 150 complaints of which 90% have turned out to be frivolous. The BCCC held its first meeting on Thursday.

The TV content regulatory body includes four members from the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), four from national-level statutory commissions, besides four eminent civil society personalities — Prof Anand Kumar (from JNU), Nandini Sardesai, journalist Vir Sanghvi and film personality Shabana Azmi.

The chairperson and non-broadcaster members will have three-year tenures while broadcaster members will hold office for one year.
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