Good News Planned to buy a new DD Free Dish HD Connection


7 Apr 2012
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I got a TV as gift on my birthday as I mentioned in onlytech. I am going to purchase DD Free Dish HD box tomorrow. Installation by monday I hope.
I am buying MPEG 4 Box.
Will post reviews soon.
I have searched properly and found the following Bengali Channels are there:
1. DD Bangla
2. DD Tripura
3. BTV World
4. AIR Bangla
5. AIR Agartala
Data collected from official website.
I also saw there are DD Sports 1.0, KBS World, DD India, DD India HD.
I also found that India - Australia test series will be available through Rainbow Delhi channel.
Besides Zee Odisha, Popular TV Assam, Zee Saalam, Zee 24 Taas, Zee 24 Kalak, Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal etc will be available.
As its a one time investment, no monthly charges involved it's good.
Solid 8181 ( hcvc 2.65 + t2 + 2 pendrive + 1 gb ram + 1080I + wifi + dnla( chrome cast like )+ sat ip support & more) range 1580 rs from official website solid sale .. another low range also available...
@Bishnu15 bro


There r many companies
Solid is best i think
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