Breaking Pokemon The Series XY: Kalos Quest | Indian Premiere on Super Hungama


5 Jan 2020
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after Pokemon debuted for the second time on Disney Star Channel, Hungama TV with a brand new dub, the channel decided to excite the Indian audience by bringing the brand new season of Pokemon which was popular in the US during the year, 2015 i.e. Pokemon the Series XY, in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, while continuously running the old seasons for the first time on Hungama TV sequentially.

But after the season 17, the channel decided to continue the airing of the old seasons sequentially without bringing new seasons abruptly in between and finally, now in the year 2023, after airing all the 17 seasons of Pokemon on Disney Star Kids Channels, its time for the season 18th, The Series XY: Kalos Quest


As per the Summer lineup of Disney Kids Channel, Super Hungama is premiering the season 18th starting 2nd May at 12pm in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu!!!

They would be airing the season 18, after 8 years since the premiere of season 17!
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Too slow the official Pokemon Asia channel have started airing Season Master Journeys and reached episode 30 of XY
in South America the series is on its last season; Ultimate Journeys, and is soon to premiere the series finale.
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