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28 Apr 2018
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Although there is there is dedicated thread to discuss about news updates about cartoon channels shows in Indian channels its mostly discussed regarding animated shows. This thread would be used specifically to post regarding Anime shows & anime movies ( kids/teen/shonen fighting ) related shows , movies , anime like series updates on Indian Kids channels (cartoon channels) there its a general discussion about cartoon. here this thread would be more about anime shows movies updates in Indian kids channels and discussion related to it.

i'm posting kids channels as its considered kids channels not cartoon channels genre - anime shows including kids anime, teen anime , fighting anime genre and kids/teen anime movies.. anime like series

Considering thanks to etv bal bharat and disney channel's anime shows though re-air old popular kids anime shows , even sony yay deciding to start air kids anime and pogo and Cartoon network India to air kids/fighting anime.. decided to post this thread in this thread only discuss related to kids anime/teen anime updates in Indian kids channels not international channels updates as there is different thread for that . even cartoon network India decided to bring Dragon Ball super thanks to popular demand by fans for want of anime which was acknowledged and even effort of ankur javeri and not forgetting even etv bal bharat mentioning of anime and deciding to stat airing anime inspired American anime Avatar- The last air Airbender

Anime ( animation word in japenese / most specifically referred to unique Japanese style of animation , story , plot line they make it professional manner focusing on all aspects and retaining interesting aspect engaging as well as learning experience) . anime here in i

unknown facts - nick popular ninja hattori -(kids anime ) Hungama - shinchan (family anime ) after edit of episodes newer episodes all are targeting to family audience even in japan , beyblade ( kids/preteen anime) , Disney - Doraemon (kids anime) - target family audience still popular among family nick hd+ / sonic nick - digimon adventures tri (teen anime movies) all japenese animated shows are called called anime . even sun kids channels aired heidi anime series later 3d show and astroby in between some years back in all its 4 single audio channels chintu tv, chutti tv, kochu tv, kushi tv

as awareness of anime shows and demand has increased even forced channel to start showing anime shows in kids channel although still limited to known anime shows it still shows people do want new anime shows and better shows in kids channels in India . even Cartoon network India is promoting demand in their promo in their sd channel as promo before showing Dragon Ball Super timing date reveal today in promo.

original anime series mostly in japan made anime shows other anime inspired is american anime shows , 3rd now chinese animation studious in hong kong or south east asiab countrues were outsourced who used this skills to make copy or similar series now chinese anime similar series. indian anime series are very limited mostly done on colaboration with singapore or south east asian or japenese studio collab most popular ( ramayana anime movie) , batu gaiden - cricket like fantasy anime , original indian only anime made by Indian studio in anime style without any collab with other countries animation studio ( by studio durga karmachakra only short feature posted in their yt channel and social media channels.
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Cartoon network india, (Today's post)
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"Dragon Ball Super" Official Promo
(Monday to friday @10.30AM & 7PM) Sunday @9AM Marathon
Thankfully Cartoon Network India posted same prom in their official YouTube channel , i as trying to take pic during promo first time was surprised seeing we want Goku comment pic video short during Dragon Ball super promo in Cartoon network India sd promo during ad they showed quickly then transitioned to show other shows and then back2back animated show.


only managed to take this superimposed pic

Dragon Ball Super - kids/shonen/fight anime series would start airing on Cartoon Network India (SD) from May 22nd Sunday at 9:00 AM. this seem to be a preponed airing timing hope they also would air repeat at evenings/nights later on weekdays after its dubbing is completed.

considering they have posted same promo in their official yt channel decided i wont take pic of same promo.
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Thanks to etv bal bharat - Avatar- The last Airbender - American anime styled series had mega type premiered in 11 or 12 Indian languages dub in Indian tv channel . although promo posted is only of one dub in social media handle they are doing good job by also airing repeat airings in their kids channel and not restricting to only one timings which was earlier limitation of airing during in sun tv's kids channels few years back.

pogo tv social media first time poste about anime indirectly in pic they did mention you asked for Anime - Yokai watch here it is . Yo-kai Watch (kids anime series) will start airing from 16th May (Mon-Friday) at 11:15 AM and 6:15 PM in description only mention yokai's, yokai watch & fun-tastic summer in hashtag (only in pic short video clip mentioned in caption you asked for anime. it'll come in Hindi , Tamil & Telegu
"Lucky Man" from Today @8PM only on Hungama, according to Saturday and Sunday @8PM,

"Gon-The Stone Age Boy" (1965) Saturday & Sunday @4.30PM only on Hungama,

Looks like Hungama tv channel is also trying to come back on track after watching Cartoon Network doing awesome things,
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Tomorrow's schedule now updated,
"Gon-The Stone Age Boy" Everyday
@4.30PM only on Hungama,

Note-Lucky Man show not showing in schedule, so I think they will telecast weekends only,





It was good to see Yo-kai Watch - kids anime series back airing again in pogo tv Indian kids channel after long time in Hindi , Tamil & Telegu. they are showing two episodes together first airing from 11:15 - 12:15am afternoon morning time , then 12:15-1:00 pm (afternoon) then repeat airing from 6:15-7:15 pm and 7:15-8:00 pm . they are airing two episodes in one day in couple of weeks the airing might be finished or they might reair same eps.


it was surprising to see pogo tv social media handle posting yo-kai watch (kids anime show ) promo in their official page along with anime hashtag , it seems may be they do check our forum last time we mentioned they didn't used anime in hashtag word before posting promo in description . this time they mentioned anime word in description along with yo-kai watch

Dubbing in the show was good overall not bad it seems they retained earlier dubbed voices

1 correction they are showing 4 eps in one day , i dont understand why they want to shows episodes so much quickly
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