Breaking PVR and INOX to announce merger (update: Merger Announced)

Where do u watch most movies ?
Mostly PVR. As that's the only decent one here. Sound experience and 3D are somewhat dissapointing, but compared to the other Cinemas here, it's far better.
Earlier we had two PVRs here. But one of them closed down during the pandemic. It had huge screen, like single screen theatres.

Making it one of the biggest screen chain in Asia.
PVR was in talk with Cinepolis first, now all of sudden Inox. What PVR is upto? Wanna create monopoly?
If it happen we might see exclusive shows of cricket tournament and FIFA World Cup in cinemas soon. I remember there were Live broadcast of IPL in cinemas of my city.
This is nothing like the merger between Zee and Sony or Vodafone and Idea. There, the merged entities had big competitors, namely Disney-Star/Viacom18 and Airtel/Jio. Here, the biggest competitor will now be Cinépolis which itself was trying to merge with PVR. I don’t think having a PVR-Inox monopoly is good for consumers.
It will effect movie producer more. They generally do 50-50 profit share agreement with these Multiplexs.

Now, PVR Inox being single largest chain in Asia they may demand more profit share as high as 70%

If Movie distributors don't agree to their percentage sharing then Multiplexs won't play their films which will be even more loss to movie producer.

The only rival is Cinepolis chain which hardly have 20% of Combined PVR Inox chain.
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